Our region is one of the most beautiful places in the world. Wherever you place your feet, you will experience the mighty and majestic handy work of God. The only thing more beautiful than our skylines, mountains, wildlife, oceans, rivers and streams are the people that live here. The Church of God is alive and well in Alaska/BC. We are a committed community of people whose lives have been changed by God's grace and truth. As you navigate our website, our prayer is that you will be both informed and inspired by our loving and powerful Creator.







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The Finish Commitment Strategy

Alaska is a place of BIG geography, full of people that are beyond self-sufficient.  Further, many people in Alaska are here to get away from somewhere else.  The Church of God in Alaska has embraced these traits and has pioneered to carry the Gospel to some far reaching places.  In addition to the suburban churches in greater Anchorage, we have gone to the Native Alaskan villages.  Several aspects of the Finish Commitment fit nicely the needs in Alaska and my personal vision.


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