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Georgetown, Guyana

Project Number 102-9465

The Church of God took root in Georgetown, the capital city, in 1956, and like the apostle Paul’s experience in Ephesus, the New Testament Church of God found a wide-open door of opportunity to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the nation of Guyana. Field Director Ishmael Charles believes Georgetown is strategically positioned geopolitically by God at this time in history to be effective in the training of workers for the end-time harvest in the world.

Georgetown has quaint Dutch colonial and Victorian architecture influenced by its earlier days as a Dutch and English colony, but with a Caribbean flavor. She was named in honor of England’s King George III, but her nickname is “Garden City of the Caribbean.” Sitting 6 feet under high-tide level, the city must maintain a system of sluices and a seawall; however, when rains are heavy, flooding is a risk.

With a population of 131,395, Georgetown is divided into three geographical regions: Central Georgetown, which includes the business district, as well as the seat of the national government; Greater Georgetown that contains some of the most expensive and luxurious metropolitan neighborhoods and is well-known as places for the rich and powerful (most residents are high-ranking executives or government officials); and South Georgetown, incorporated communities of neighborhoods along the Demerara River and highly regarded as poor areas of the city.

Because a third of the population of Guyana is descended from African slaves, Black/African constitutes 53 percent of the residents of Georgetown. Other heritages are East Indian, Amerindian, Portuguese, and Chinese.

Many churches, mosques, and mandirs (Hindu places of worship) are located in Georgetown. Bordered by Venezuela and Suriname, Guyana has a strong influence on the nearby Caribbean Islands, and Georgetown is important as a Lighthouse City.

Guyana’s overseer is Joseph Persaud. The Church of God has 63 churches and 4,515 members. n