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YWEA 2017

YWEA began 54 years ago as a cooperative effort between Youth & Discipleship and World Missions.  Over 57 projects have been completed and over $36,000,000.00 raised by Church of God young people.  It is the youth missions arm of the Youth & Discipleship department which includes:

  • Funding & Supporting Global Youth Ministries
  • Building Ministry Training Centers
  • Rescuing & Caring for Children
  • Conducting Leadership & Discipleship Training
  • Planting New Churches
  • Inner City Outreach
  • Building & Supporting Orphanages
  • Disaster Relief



Cota is located in the Central Savanna Province of Colombia. This country has a popula on of 48 million people. 37% of the population is under 19 years old and over 15 million are children. Because of war, many children are abused, displaced by violence, orphaned and at high risk. Drug cartels and violence means some 60,000 street children are at risk of starvation, abuse, neglect, exploitation through sex trafficking and child labor. Three million children between the ages of 5-17 do not a end school due to the extreme poverty, abuse and violence. YWEA seeks to raise the awareness of this epidemic by promoting Project Priceless-Not for Sale campaign and partnering with Safe Houses and agencies that are rescuing children.


YWEA will expand the ministry vision of Rosalba through the COTA Project that will:

Purchase a Safe House for Boys

Rosalba Perez pioneered the incredibly successful Safe House for Girls ministry. Using this same model YWEA will help them establish a Safe House for Boys. The need for a safe, stable environment for boys and girls to experience God’s love is crucial. Columbia is a dangerous country that is plagued with drug cartels, gangs, trafficking, and violence; the most vulnerable are defenseless boys and girls.

Finish Construction on the New Christian School

Rosalba Perez helped establish a thriving Chris an School currently serving 270 students! There are amazing testimonies of how girls from the Safe House that have gone are ranked in the top 10 in the whole country in education based on the quality education of the Chris an School in Cota. Many girls who graduated from the school have grades that are now some of the highest in the whole country! With your help, YWEA will help complete a cafeteria, technology center, high school restrooms, furnish all the classrooms and build a Preschool.

Renovate the Safe House for Girls with the Help of Church of God Girls Ministries

The Safe House for Girls provides a wonderful atmosphere of loving provision, in a beautiful setting, on the side of a hill in Cota. Several girls have passed through the program and moved on to higher education and vocational opportunities. Sister Rosalba reports seeing the Hand of God in restoring, loving and providing for these young women. The Safe House for Girls currently houses 25 girls but it desperately needs renovations to better take care of these special children and teens. Remodeling would provide a hot water system for showers and expand the house to accommodate up to 35 girls.

Building a Safe House for Women with the Help of Church of God Women’s Discipleship

Afinal part of Rosalba’s vision would establish a Safe House for Women. This ministry will provide much needed protection and care to women who are suffering in abusive situations and poverty. Women’s Discipleship is committed to building the protection home for women and joining Church of God Girls Ministries to renovate and update the Safe House for Girls and provide furnishings for the Chris an School classrooms.