Dear Alaska/BC family!

You have touched our heart!  You have impacted our life!  You have become our family!  It is with a heavy heart that we must say goodbye to you.  At the close of the 2016 Church of God General Assembly, the International Executive Committee appointed us to serve the Heartland Region, which encompasses Kansas and Oklahoma. 

The past four years that we have spent serving you have been some of the most rewarding moments of our life and ministry.  When we arrived in Anchorage in 2012, we found the most beautiful people on God’s planet to work with. You have loved us, supported us, encouraged us, and worked along side of us in every endeavor we launched.  You are the epitome of TEAM Alaska/BC. We love you and will forever be indebted to you for the kindness you have shown to us.  As far as we are concerned, the Great Land is great because of you! We will always keep a special place in our heart for Alaska/BC.

We are delighted that Bishop Pat and Jan Wright are following us to Alaska/BC. We have known them for many years and their ministry can only be described as EXCELLENT. You will love them! We know that you will give them the same love and support that you gave to us.

Stan and Teresa Holder

Welcome to the Alaska/BC Church of God Website!

Our region is one of the most beautiful places in the world. Wherever you place your feet, you will experience the mighty and majestic handy work of God. The only thing more beautiful than our skylines, mountains, wildlife, oceans, rivers and streams are the people that live here. The Church of God is alive and well in Alaska/BC. We are a committed community of people whose lives have been changed by God's grace and truth. As you navigate our website, our prayer is that you will be both informed and inspired by our loving and powerful Creator.

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